gi xiao peng

7 1 2018-08-08


<p>smoking condition</p><p>Smoking situation in the world </p><p>Smoking situation in China</p><p>Smoking situation in adolescence</p><p>Hazard for smoking</p><p>Significant in control smoking</p><p>Measures of controlling smoking in China</p><p>Measures in controlling smoking in other countries</p><p>Curiosity / Cool<br />Release pressure<br />Peer influence<br />Family</p><p>Others</p><p>Draw lessons from experience<br /></p><p> Smoking condition <br /> of adolescence <br /> in China</p><p>Reasons for adolescent smoking</p><p>Key time points for adolescent growth and development</p><p>Thank you ❤</p><p>Wang Shen<br />Ji Xiaotong</p><p></p><p>method<br />from date to date<br />include XX adolescent</p><p>Research about adolescent smoking </p><p>questions<br />Gender / Age<br />Age of first smoking<br />How many packs a day<br />Addicted<br />Why?<br />Did anyone try to help you? <br /></p><p>Why do adolescents need to give up somking?<br /></p><p>Physical <br /> Nerve system<br /> Respiratory system<br /> Reproductive system<br /> Visual system <br /> Skeletal system<br /><br />Mental <br /> Hypomnesia<br /> Intelligence <br /> </p><p>1.Restrict advertisements of cigarette<br />2.Education from school or family <br />3.Provide non-smoking environment<br />...</p><p>Fine (Singapore, Spain, London)<br /></p><p>Cigarette package design<br /><br /></p><p>Smoking cessation program(France)<br />Smoking free hospital<br /></p><p>Smoke-police (England)<br />Class for young female (France) <br />Tobacco tax increase (Austrilia)</p><p></p>