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<p>COFFEE</p><p>THANKS</p><p>Like: balanced taste, <br /> not greasy, <br /> cost-effective<br /><br />Dislike: slightly less<br /><br />Cost 7.9 RMB<br /><br />Design,Fashion: <br />Moistureproof(防潮) <br />waterproof (防雨)<br />Strength of packaging materials<br /></p><p>Like:strong tastes milk flavor<br /><br />Dislike:too sweet<br /><br />Cost:38RMB<br /><br />Disign,fashion:<br />Broken head design of bottle cap</p><p>Like:117 charcoal <br /> 114 mellow smooth<br /><br />Dislike:don't have individual package<br /><br />Cost :49.8RMB<br /><br />Disign,fashion:GOOD COFFEE SMILE</p><p>Like: a little sweeter <br /> not too bad<br /><br />Dislike: the lack of sweet and bitter heat, easy put on weight<br /><br />Cost: 6RMB<br /><br />Design,Fashion: life is more wonderful!<br /></p><p>Like: good selection of coffee beans strong coffee flavor<br /><br />Dislike: too sweet and greasy, <br /> hard to sell in supermarkets<br /><br />Cost: 27RMB<br /><br />Design,Fashion:flexible, minimalist packing</p><p></p>