Cathy's Integration Plan

8 0 2018-09-19

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<p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>02</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>My Integration </p><p>Cathy Gao</p><p>JIFA Merchandiser </p><p>2016.7.5</p><p>JIFA Inland QID Pioneer</p><p>Store Training</p><p>2018.7.23-2018.7.28</p><p>DMI Training</p><p>2018.8.6-2018.8.10 <br /></p><p>My Expectation</p><p>Purpose of Integration</p><p>Supplier<br />Autonomy</p><p>2018.3.26 </p><p>1. To know PE’s daily job</p><p><br />2. To know PE’s expectation to PLIQ for better service</p><p><br />3. How to generate a specification?<br /><br />4. To share the cardboard case.</p><p>>Fully understand DKL value/purpose/vision/strategy/project<br /><br />> Improvement your management skill (data analysis/ organization / CI / quality sense / collebration..)<br /><br />>Generate new integration plan for JIFA Develop/Indus team</p><p></p>