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Brexit is very very very very very very very very

<p>02</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>03</p><p>01</p><p>Why do they choose to leave EU?</p><p>Hamburger</p><p>Chia seed salad<br />奇亚籽沙拉</p><p>Hamburger </p><p>Reason1:Cheap</p><p>Can't afford</p><p>Not worth, save for other</p><p>Brexit1:</p><p>Immigration welfare</p><p>membership fee---NHS</p><p>NHS: The National Health Service (NHS) is the name used for each of the public health services in the United Kingdom</p><p>Hamburger </p><p>Reason 2: Delicious </p><p>Brexit 2: </p><p>Immigration: Job, Salary, House</p><p>Regulations</p><p>Fisherman can’t sail anywhere and catch whatever<br />they want. <br />Each member state have a specific quota for each species. <br />Some countries can sail further into foreign territory than others<br />For example: in the English Channel, French boats can catch almost 7 times havoc and than English <br />ones</p><p>Brexit1:</p><p>Hamburger: </p><p>neglect the money spent on lose weight</p><p>neglect the buried treasure brought by immigrants and EU</p><p>Reason1: Cheap</p><p>Hamburger:</p><p>Reason 2: Delicious</p><p>Brexit:</p><p>direct feeling of happiness, ignore the risk of heart attack,, <br />high blood pressure when old</p><p>enjoy now, no long-term plan</p><p>Hamburger</p><p>Reason 4: Conservative</p><p>Don't like change</p><p>Don't like new things</p><p>Brexit: </p><p>Sovereignty: economic to political union</p><p>Immigration: Identity, culture, terrorism</p><p>Hamburger</p><p>Reason4: Bad Chia seed salad</p><p>Brexit: Problems in EU<br /> Too many rules, bureaucacy system, less democracy......</p><p>Hamburger</p><p>Reason 5: Propaganda</p><p>Brexit: exaggerated numbers and damage</p><p>Hamburger</p><p>Reason 6: no reason</p><p>Brexit: Rain<br /> Regret<br /> 2nd EU Referendum<br /> </p><p>Low-educated</p><p>Old</p><p>Certain Area</p><p>Huge divisions in society</p><p>High-education, high-income people lead the country naturally from their perspective but have long neglected the low-education low-income people's demands.</p><p>Not everyon in the world can benefit from globalization</p><p>There is still a long way to go</p><p>Brexit</p><p>Q&A</p><p></p>