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<p>Sustainable competitive advantages</p><p>Product excellence</p><p>Variety</p><p>Continually introducing new series of products</p><p>Ages</p><p>Functions</p><p>S<br />T<br />P</p><p>High Middle Low</p><p>High quality & Reasonable price</p><p>Branding</p><p>Innovative design: fashion, young, dynamic</p><p>Appetency<br /><br />Popular among young people<br /></p><p>Customer Excellence</p><p>Sustainable competitive advantages</p><p>Retaining Loyal Customers<br />- Upgrade of products<br />- Fans club (CRM)<br /></p><p>Outstanding Customer service<br />- International warranty services (IWS)<br />- S. F. Express<br />- Gift cards & delicate package<br /></p><p>Operational excellence</p><p>Swatch group owned a completed supply chain<br />High efficient manufacture process</p><p>Location excellence</p><p>Strong Internet presence<br />- Official website<br />- TMALL<br />- Jingdong Mall<br /></p><p>Good physical location<br />- Big shopping malls in main commercial areas <br />- The landmarks and fashionable blocks <br />- Airport terminals <br />(PS:the Swatch boutique in a fruit <br /> and vegetable market)</p><p>Conclusion-Reflection<br />What is the most attractive benefit of Swatch?<br /></p><p>Swatch is a fashion brand <br />with affordable price</p><p>swatch</p><p>Adding value</p><p>Charitable activities</p><p>express identical style<br />& attract admiration <br />and attention</p><p>fashion & unusual</p><p>Limited edition</p><p></p>