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Student Profile~

<p>01</p><p>02</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>01</p><p>30%</p><p>55%</p><p>70%</p><p>100%</p><p>02</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>WHO AM I</p><p>My hometown</p><p>Student Profile</p><p> ----- A Cool Tomboy<br /> ( Christy )</p><p>Born in Guangxi Wuzhou but grown up in <br />Guangdong Zhuhai, it seems that l am a cultural mixture between Guangxi & Guangdong.So it's very lucky for me to have many friends from both sides. For myself, Guangxi has beautiful natural sceneries, and Zhuhai also has many wonderful seas, and it has a more advanced economy.</p><p>My Lovely Family</p><p>I am living in a lovely family with my Papa & Mama & brothers(2) & sister.Though l always have little time to stay with them for our unflexible time schedule,l know they miss me so much,and so do l.</p><p>\"young\" Papa</p><p>What l like</p><p>Having some unique experiences,l have so <br />many many interesting hobbies.Reading,-jogging,watercolor,horror mystery novels,taekwondo etc.</p><p>What About My Drawings ?</p><p>Aha~</p><p>_(:з」∠)_<br /></p><p>How a crazy horror mystrey novels fan l am !!! </p><p>A crazy taekwomdo enthusiast ~ </p><p>Sometimes be quiet like a shy flower<br />Sometimes be enthusiastic like a shinning bringbring star ~</p><p>My College Life~</p><p>Lay a good foundation</p><p>suck knowledge into my mind</p><p>Some good memories in Guangxi</p><p>delicious<br />duck~</p><p>beautiful <br />peachblossom~</p><p>impressive<br />scenery~</p><p>lovely <br />cat & dogs~</p><p>Some good memories in Zhuhai</p><p>matcha</p><p>go shopping~</p><p>moving presents~</p><p>see films~</p><p>singing~</p><p>dormitory<br />chaffy dish~</p><p>My best class in Zhuhai No.2 High School</p><p>Senior Two</p><p>Senior Three</p><p>My best class in Guangxi~</p><p>with my best friend~</p><p>beautiful setting~</p><p>“messy” classroom~</p><p>our roommates~</p><p>quickly adapt to the new college life and widen my horizon by various extracurricular activities~</p><p>Sophomore is a distinctly critical phase,so we are to build up a comprehensive etilism in new era~</p><p>wow~</p><p>internship & gain experience</p><p>Junior is also a significant time for me when l will try to intern & pick up some unique skills~</p><p>Aha~</p><p>Thanks for watching~</p><p>Prepare for further learning~</p><p>Senior is a special phase when some people choose to engage into business,the others like me choose to fight for postgraduate entrance examinations</p><p>My Two Lovely Classes~</p><p>Reson : l went to my <br />hometown for the college entrance examinations~</p><p>Chinese name: Li Qiuling<br />English name: Christy<br />Sex: a cool tomboy<br />Age:19 <br />Birthday:1999.8.16 (the day after the Mid-Autumn Festival)<br />Wechat: a962688437<br />Family: Papa & Mama & (2)brothers & little sister<br />Constellation: Virgo</p><p>A crazy taekwondo enthusiast ~ </p><p>My Features~</p><p>Like to play jioks~</p><p></p>