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<p>YOUR TEXT HERE </p><p>YOUR TEXT HERE </p><p>YOUR TEXT HERE </p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>THE END<br />THANKS!</p><p>Internet Finance in China</p><p>Introduction</p><p>Risk and Solution</p><p>Conclusion</p><p>Discussion</p><p>Introduction</p><p>Lending and crowd funding</p><p>Class: UEECx54<br />Name: Chen Siyang (Sylvia)<br />Student ID: G061891<br />Date: 8 Jun 2017<br /> </p><p>Development model </p><p>SWOT Analysis of Internet finance in China</p><p>Weakness</p><p>Strength</p><p>Opportunity</p><p>Threat</p><p>Strength</p><p>Rely on big electric business platform</p><p>Management is flexible</p><p>Weakness</p><p>Lack of risk control system</p><p>Mainly depend on shareholders</p><p>Opportunity</p><p>Market requirement</p><p>Low starting point, high return and <br />low risk of financial products</p><p>Transfer information rapidly</p><p>Threat</p><p>Traditional finance are facing a transformation</p><p>Internet finance enterprises are still at stage of <br />savage growth</p><p>Risk of Internet fiance</p><p>Strategy </p><p>Risk</p><p>Risk of personal information security</p><p>Risk of concerned law</p><p>Risk of fund safety</p><p>Issue the Internet Finance law</p><p>Internet <br />finance law</p><p>Commercial <br />banking law</p><p>Security law</p><p>Insurance law</p><p>Improve Internet fiance risk prevention</p><p>Strictly check and <br />formal approval</p><p>Establish the information <br />publicity system</p><p>Build the third party<br />information security <br />risk assessment</p><p>Establish the financial <br />security system</p><p>Establish Internet finance credit system</p><p>Enhence supervision <br />of Internet fiance</p><p>Protect consumers' right and interest</p><p>Strategy</p><p>Source: http://www.stats.gov.cn/</p><p>↓</p><p>↓</p><p>Internet technology</p><p>Financial function</p><p>Sources: http://www.stats.gov.cn</p><p>Sources: Data collected from National Bureau of Statistics</p><p>·Peer-to-peer lending <br /><br />The practice of lending money to unrelated individuals or ‘peers’, without going through a traditional financial intermediary such as a bank or other traditional financial institution.</p><p>Development of crowd founding in China</p><p>Recommendation</p><p>= Internet finance</p><p>Use internet payment channel to transfer money from borrowers to lenders. </p><p>WHAT IS IT ?</p><p>Online wealth management product</p><p>The success of Yu'E Bao, MMF by Alipay</p><p>Central bank</p><p>Commercial bank</p><p>Securities</p><p>Insurance</p><p>Authoritative</p><p>Professionalism</p><p>Comprehensiveness</p><p>Efficiency</p><p>Third-party online payment </p><p>Third-party online payment</p><p>Funds management is the management of the cash flow of a financial institution. </p><p>Fund Management</p><p> The management <br />of the cash flow of <br />a financial institution</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>Improve risk prevention</p><p>Apply at the supervision department and submit the application</p><p>Report all of the management situation and transport records to the supervision <br />department in time for publicity and reference</p><p>Hardware:improve the ability of information\rsystem preventing hacker and virus</p><p>Internet operation: improve the internet website security of portals</p><p>The credit bureau provides service to internet\rcompanies and assess the borrowers situation to reduce\rinvesting risk</p><p>The credit\rbureau and internet loan companies build a shared data system</p><p>Information data\raccumulating by platforms of internet loans companies can\rprovide to credit bureau if permitted by individuals. <br /></p><p>Lack of collaboration</p><p>Regulatory gaps</p><p>Significant investment</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>Conclusion</p><p>Internet finance: A new financial format</p><p>Risk in technology, business,<br />law</p><p>Reduce cost and improve financial business</p><p>Relevant laws, regulations and information technology need to be perfect</p><p>Discussion</p><p>Internet </p><p>+ Finance</p><p>It can guarantee the goods quality, monitor the processes of trade to ensure the both buyer and seller is honest</p><p>Convenient payment platform</p><p>It is hard to guarantee the legal rights of gaining or using private information.</p><p> There is no clarified Legal provision for internet finance.</p><p>The benefit will be reduced if the monetary fund gets into trouble.</p><p>The national legislature should revise relevant laws to build a good environment through domestic <br />financial situation</p><p>1.Strict check</p><p>2. Establish the information publicity system</p><p>3.Establish financial security system</p><p>Lending and crowd funding</p><p>·Crowd funding<br /><br />The practice of funding a project by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people.</p><p>More superior than Traditional finance <br />on cost</p><p>Limitation</p><p>Focus on the coordination of information sharing and supervision </p><p>Learn experiences from other countries to <br />innovate and improve the financial regulation</p><p>1. Can you discuss what part of the <br />regulations should be concerned firstly ? <br />Investors' rights or Internet financial <br />companies' profit?Give your opinion.</p><p>2.Can you give some other alleviate <br />recommendation to overcome the<br /> limitation of these strategies? </p><p></p>