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29 0 2017-06-11

Planning 10 Topic 2 for unit 1

<p>I'm study in CISGG</p><p>Hello! My name is Hancy I'm 18 years old.I come from Liuzhou, Guangxi, China</p><p>Eating!</p><p>and</p><p>Reading Tagore's poetry</p><p>I don't like Durian!!!</p><p>Hobby 2:</p><p>I really like his writing style, so when I read his poem I feel a lot of creativity</p><p>\"If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.\"</p><p>Hobby 3:</p><p>Travel!</p><p>I enjoy every time I travel to see the scenery</p><p> eat a lot of special foods</p><p> make new friends</p><p> learn about different cultures</p><p>Now I'm ready to graduate</p><p>I will study hard, give parents the best of life</p><p>and full of expectations for my university life</p><p>My hobby!</p><p>Hobby 1:</p><p>Before:</p><p>My goal is to become a merchant and police.</p><p>I want to be a different kind of girl</p><p>Yes, cool, strong, independent</p><p>My famaily: </p><p>my father my mother and I</p><p>Unfortunately we do not have many pictures</p><p>Now I know my English is not good enough</p><p>CISGG:</p><p>This school is very special, CISGG taught me a lot of knowledge and make new friends.</p><p>I will keep work hard</p><p>Thank you for your whatching</p><p></p>