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<p>01</p><p>02</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>Japan</p><p>History of Japan\r</p><p>The Emperor of Japan\r\r</p><p>Shogun\r</p><p>The origin of Japan\r</p><p>Meiji Restoration\r</p><p>——Blackship turmoil\r</p><p>Sushi\r</p><p>Rice balls</p><p>Ramen\r</p><p>Saahimi\r</p><p>Jpanese hot pot\r</p><p>tourist spots</p><p>praying in okyo Sensoji temple</p><p>seeing the most beauti-ful million night of Japa-nese in Hakodate</p><p>Enjoy the top dessert in the Michelin three-star restaurant\r</p><p>Go to Tokyo tower and feel romantic\r</p><p>Go to Kyoto to to admire geisha.\r</p><p>Sitting on the side of the road, eating crab dinner\r</p><p>the most beautiful temple in Japan -Kinkaku-ji Temple\r</p><p>Find a childhood in universal studios\r</p><p>Go to kabukicho and Sensually Linger.\r</p><p>Go to Japan's \"Hawaii\" holiday<br /></p><p>1917-1945: Embryonic period<br />1946-1973: Explore period<br />1974-1989: Mature period<br />1990- now: Refinement period <br /></p><p>Preach invasion<br />beautify militarism</p><p>Hayao Miyazaki<br />natural and fresh<br />thinking of life</p><p>important position in world<br />major industry in Japan</p><p>adventure </p><p>detective</p><p>Pretty girl</p><p>Pet<br /></p><p>Anime & Comic</p><p>Science Fiction cartoon<br />First cartoon TVseries</p><p>Why is Japanese anime so popular in the world?<br /><br />Painting <br />policy<br />plot<br />Voice actor</p><p>activity</p><p>Asakusa temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo,most of <br />tourist come and pray there.Tourist would divine there, <br />they shake lots in the canister,and then fortuneteller <br />would tell them the forecast.<br />If people get lucky forecast they want,they would leave <br />with happiness,or else,they would put this on the lucky <br />tree.</p><p></p>