The real presentation

15 1 2017-06-18

from a boy

<p>Undoubtly,they are all heroes.But today the hero i 'm gonna to talk about is a little bit different.Guess who he is? </p><p>WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM THE OLD HERO OF CHINA ?<br /><br />When talking about the old heroes,which hero's name can you memorize immediately?The chair man mao or DengShiChang or any one else?</p><p>YES,<<Gourd doll>><br />So what can we learn from the cartoon?<br />Don't be twitchy,I will expain the meanings behind of the cartoon.</p><p>Focusing on the first half of the cartoon,it seems to be that seven boys take turns at appearing and fight with the monster.But in fact,it reveals the bad phenomenon of the society.</p><p>At first,The first doll appears.He symbolizes the capable person in the socity.But even you are very capable,without money you cannot do anything.It is also money that stuck the first doll </p><p>The second doll has some amazing ability.He can hear and see from thousands miles away.He is just like the man who can distinguish right and wrong.The monster blow up an unhealthy blast to destroy the doll's eyes and ears.That means although you are a wiser who can tell right and wrong,your bad surroundings will blind you.</p><p>The third doll has a very strong body and no one can hurt him phsically.He stands for people who are incorruptible.He fight with the monster for a long time.Finally,he is beated by \"a pair of small shoes\".What is the incorruptible people most afraid of?Of course \"the small shoes\" from leader.</p><p>Now it comes to the fouth doll who can control water as his weapon.<br />The failure of the fouth doll can be attribute to drinking too much bad water.It reveals the serious pollution of our water.Even the forth doll cannot bear the poluted water,can we?</p><p>When talking about the fire doll,we often associate some words like compete or passionate.To deal with the fire doll,the monster use a vicious trick.She said,\"I have already heard you and your powerful fire.Can you help me heat a pot?\"The fire doll is pure and simple.He wants to prove himself.But he fails.That means although a person is very strong,sometimes only a team can solve problems.</p><p>Then it comes to the doll who can hide himself from people's eyes.He stands for the recluse of the society.Perhaps you will ask that the doll can hide himself so how can he be defeated?Well,monsters always has a way.The doll was defeated by a big hat and a mall tail.</p><p>The last doll don't have any super ability,but he has a magic weapon.A small gourd.It is perhaps one of the most powerful weapon.He use his weapon surrender the monster.However,the weapon is damaged for a borer.Almost every great organization fall apart from a \"borer\".</p><p>Now i am gonna to end my presentation.<br />Thanks for listening.<br /><br /> ANY QUESTIONS?</p><p></p>