15 0 2017-06-26

This is my presentation. Hope all of you could enjoy it!

<p>TEMPLATE</p><p>LOGIC DIAGRAM</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>02</p><p>04</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>THANKS</p><p>Popular Movie Appreciation</p><p>La La Land <br /></p><p>Beauty and the Beast</p><p>Fast and Furious 8</p><p>Resident Evil : The Final Chapter 6</p><p>Pirates of the Caribbean</p><p>Guardians of the Galaxy</p><p>Logan 3</p><p>Transformers 5</p><p>Why ?</p><p>\r</p><p>Why is a popular cultural artifact popular?<br />What is the meaning or significance of these successful movies?</p><p>Formula:<br /><br />terrible childhood <br />special efforts<br />Violence<br />individual choice <br /><br /></p><p>How?</p><p>How do these popular movies act?<br />How do them attract us?</p><p>Popular culture hidden in popular movies<br />is a mirror of our society which reflects <br />values and preferences.</p><p>reflect</p><p>shape</p><p>What?</p><p>What can we learn from the success of these popular movies?</p><p>individual <br />choice</p><p>Development in China</p><p>The Movie Industry in China has come a long way,<br />but it still has a long way to go.</p><p> To ilia!</p><p></p>