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<p>01</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>Jo Malone Red Roses 30ML</p><p>Jo Malone Quality</p><p>02Rarity</p><p>04Extraordinariness </p><p>03Aesthetics</p><p>05</p><p>03Aesthetic</p><p>There are some small activities in the Chinese official <br />website, such as the single attached adding and mixing <br />experience dress, and now there are flowers and fresh <br />light flowers and Free Engraving. It's a good gift for gifts</p><p> Special feeling<br />Symple but not ordinary<br />Good smell<br />Very popular<br />Elegant and flexible <br /></p><p>Level of luxury:Medium level<br />Awareness:Big star<br />Business Volume:medium scale</p><p>Personal opinion</p><p>There are many perfumes in the name of roses, <br />from high-grade Shalong to low-quality, coarse-<br />made perfumes, all with rose-themed, but really canbe a good rose and few. Jo Malone is definitely on <br />the list</p><p> 02Rarity</p><p> </p><p>Individualized, high quality and unusual perfumes </p><p>Jo Malone ancestor Malone<br />:a London based marketing <br />company for was bought <br />by Estee Lauder group in 1999.</p><p> <br /> This fragrance must be used when the weather is slightly cold. Autumn wind leaves, a cool yongcu scent, give people strength in the cold. <br /></p><p>High-end skin care and perfume <br />products,</p><p>Manufacturing-Complexity:<br /> concocted by seven of the world's most prized rose varieties <br /></p><p>Service:<br /> From Cologne and candles to bathing and body care. <br />Gifts are given in our signature boxes and colored ribbons.<br /> <br /></p><p> Comfortability and usability<br />a bunch of fresh thorn rose, as if can smell the dewdrop on the petal, <br />hearten the human heart, turn to the ground to bloom, fade after the end only leaves the rose branch of the fragrance.<br />they are fresh and charming<br /></p><p>customizing(定制化)exclusive lettering <br />Free gift wrapping</p><p> Durability and value<br />Cologne, so the fragrance will not keep so long<br />You can use after shower or as foundation of other <br /> fragrance</p><p>05Symbolism</p><p>Awareness:<br />midum luxury big star big scale </p><p>Relevance and significance:<br />Not find the the scale. It was produced longtime ago but still popular</p><p>special feeling:<br />Symple but not ordinary,Elegant and<br />flexible</p><p>Only 3000THB</p><p>01Quality</p><p>There are others good smell fragrance named by <br />the material<br /></p><p>Jo Malone only has boutique stores in eight cities <br />in mainland China, but with a unique design and<br />distinctive style, it has a high reputation in perfume<br />consumption groups.<br /></p><p>Not raity but classic like Channel coco<br /></p><p>Almost all jo malen fragrance have similar appearance</p><p>06 Price</p><p></p>