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<p>点击输入文字</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>Ghana</p><p> Ann<br />安羽茜</p><p>01</p><p>中国</p><p> Ghana</p><p>1.Education in Ghana</p><p>Kofi Atta Annan</p><p>3.Festivals in Ghana</p><p>ABOAKYIR</p><p>Aboakyir</p><p>HOGBETSOTSO</p><p>Hogbetsotso</p><p>HOMOWO</p><p>HOMOWO</p><p>Traditional clothing</p><p>He is a Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh <br />Secretary-General of the United Nations from January <br />1997 to December 2006.<br /><br />In 2oo1,he was awarded the Peace Prize for having <br />revitalized the UN and for having given priority to human <br />rights.<br /></p><p>In the traditional area of Ga, people celebrate Homowo inorder to use this festival to<br />say “no” to hunger and <br />celebrate their great harvest.</p><p> Ghanaian education system is divided in three parts: ''Basic Education'', secondary education and tertiary education.<br /> \"Basic Education\" lasts 11 years (ages 4‒15). It is divided into <br />Kindergarten (2 years), Primary School (2 module of 3 years) and <br />Junior High school (3 years). Junior High School ends with the Basic<br /> Education Certificate Examination (BECE).<br /> Once the BECE achieved, the pupil can pursue into secondary <br />education.Hence, the pupil has the choice between general education <br />and vocational education. Senior High School lasts three years and ends on the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). <br /> The WASSCE is needed to join a university bachelor's degree<br /> programme. A Bachelor's degree usually lasts 4 years, can be <br />followed by a 1- or 2-year master's degree, which can be concluded in 3 years by a Doctor of philosophy. <br /> The Ghanaian education system from Kindergarten up to an <br />undergraduate degree level takes 20 years.</p><p>At the Aboakyir festival, two teams have a competition with deer hunting. After <br />grabbing this deer, people in Ghana will <br />use it to worship the god, Penkye Otu. The <br />first leader of the team that caught the <br />deer will be the winner and is considered <br />to be a symbol of courage.</p><p>It is a festival that the immigrant from Anlos celebrate them move to <br />Ghana. During the festival, people <br />reappear the process of their <br />emigration to everyone,<br />performed by women, children, the <br />elderly and young people.</p><p>Along with the Adinkra cloth, Ghanaians use <br />many different cloth fabrics for their traditional attire. The different ethnic groups have their<br /> own individual cloth. The most well known is <br />the Kente cloth. Kente is a very important <br />Ghanaian national costume and clothing . <br />These cloths are used to make traditional and <br />modern Ghanaian Kente attire.</p><p></p>