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<p>YOUR TEXT</p><p>YOUR TEXT</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>点击输入文字</p><p>Smoking condition of adolescence in ShenYang</p><p>Gi xiaopeng</p><p>smoking condition</p><p>Smoking situation in the world </p><p>Smoking situation in China</p><p>Smoking situation in adolescence</p><p>Questionnaire for adolescence smoking </p><p>Gender?<br />Age?<br />When?(start)<br />How many?<br />Addicted?<br />Why?<br />Did anyone try to help you? <br /></p><p>Resons for adolescent smoking</p><p>Curiosity / Cool <br />Release pressure <br />Peer influence<br />Family <br /></p><p>Hazard for smoking</p><p>Physical <br /> Nerve system<br /> Respiratory system<br /> Reproductive system<br /> Amblyopia <br /> Bone<br /><br />Psych iatrical Hypomnesia<br /> Intelligence <br /> </p><p>Significant in control smoking</p><p>fangtu</p><p>Measures of controlling smoking in China</p><p>Decrease Ads in cigarette<br />School/Family education <br />Non smoking environment<br /></p><p>Measures in controlling smoking in other countries</p><p>Fine (Singapore Spain London)<br />Smoking cessation allowance<br />Smoking free hospital <br />Cigarette packing design(duibi)<br />Smoke police patrol<br />Training class for smoking cessation(France)<br />Tobacco tax increase (Austrilia)<br /></p><p>Draw lessons from experience<br />fangtupian</p><p>Thank you for watching</p><p></p>